Quality & Innovation Grants (QIG)

Objective :

The objective of this sub-component 2.2 of the HETC Project is to,
Make additional resources available, to support strategic and innovative plans to enhance the quality of teaching, learning, assessment and research in state Universities
Main differences between UDG/IDAS and QIG are

    • QIGs awarded on a competitive basis
    • Implementation is decentralized to academic communities in universities   
    •  Accessibility at study programs and/or departments/ entities level
    • Eligible activities are not fixed and fairly variable

The QIG is expected to give momentum to the positive attitudinal changes linked to them and initiated by the QEF grants under the IRQUE Project.
QIG directly contributes to enhancing the Goals 2, 3,9,10 and 11 of the Strategic Management Plan of the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka

Windows and Rounds of QIGs

After a rigorous competition 58 QIGs were awarded in 2 rounds, under the following windows;

Special Events under Quality and Innovation Grant (QIG)
Window 1 (Arts and Management) and Window 2 (Science and other) Undergraduate Programs

Window 3 Postgraduate Research Degree Programs

Window 4 Research Dissemination and Commercialization Projects

Special Events under Quality and Innovation Grant (QIG)

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