Objective :

The objective of this component is to assist GOSL to develop the alternative higher education sector. Programs in the alternative higher education sector are typically more directly job-oriented than programs in the conventional university sector, and of lower unit cost. As a result, they offer an attractive policy option to expand higher education and meet the needs of the economy in skill-intensive occupations. The component will have two mutually complementary sub-components.

Modernization of SLIATE

Under this sub-component HETC will support the introduction of modern methods of curriculum delivery, especially through greater use of contemporary knowledge resources, and the promotion of cooperative program models with industry and business. The learning environment of ATIs will be modernized to enable technology-intensive pedagogy and learning. Advantage will be taken of economies of scale and scope through such ICT concepts as mass computing, web-based delivery, enterprise information portals, data warehousing and cloud computing. Also, the link between the ATIs and the work-place will be strengthened through the participation of employers and professional organizations in program advisory committees to provide input and advice on the structure, organization and content of academic programs, and the appointment of employers’ representatives as part time teachers in ATI program whenever possible. The HETC will also assist SLIATE to establish a Leadership and Quality Development Center (LQDC) to facilitate leadership and quality development initiatives. The HETC will support the establishment of rigorous programs to improve the capacity of SLITE and ATI management to:

a) Support policy, planning and review activities supported by effective management framework

b) Assist the development and implementation of effective curriculum models

c) Oversee the delivery of effective teaching and learning

d) Support the establishment and embedding of a quality culture in all AIT programs and activities

The LQDC will assist the academic decentralization of the SLIATE system and the greater empowerment of the ATIs.

Promoting Regional Equity of access to Alternative Higher Education

At present, there are important gaps in access to alternative higher education opportunities in certain regions, particularly the Northern Province, the estate sector in the central highlands, and the far South-Eastern region. The HETC will support the establishment of three new ATI in these regions to fill these gaps. This will assist the expansion of job-oriented higher education opportunities for educated youth from these under-served areas. These ATIS will also serve as models of the next generation of ATIs, with close linkage to the work place, both in terms of integrating students’ work placement in to the curriculum, and the participation of employers in the management and teaching of programs. The project will also provide special support for the modernization of six further ATIs located in the Eastern, northern, Uva, Central, North Western and Western Provinces.


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