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Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF) is a new framework aimed at improving quality of higher education and training through recognizing and accrediting qualifications offered by different institutions. It identifies different levels to which the qualifications offered in the entire higher education sector in Sri Lanka are included. It helps to interpret qualifications and judge the relative value of a qualification. This enables the learners to make informed decisions about the qualifications they intend to acquire.

The SLQF helps in the comparison of different qualifications and provide a comprehensive, nationally consistent, flexible framework for all qualifications in post-secondary education and training. It combines higher education and training into a single framework and brings together the diverse higher education and training systems into a single national system.

The SLQF identifies the broad levels of competencies that are expected from the holders of different qualifications. The minimum entry requirements for each qualification and the possible route of progression are also identified in the SLQF. This will facilitate the credit transfer and helps in the combination of qualifications as well as progression within the higher education system. It combines school sector, vocational education sector and higher education sector.

SLQF helps in vertical mobility in higher education and encourages lifelong learning by identifying access to different qualifications. It clearly defines the avenues available for obtaining higher qualifications. It also encourages high quality vocational education and training by recognizing workplace experience which helps in national economic development. It helps in opening up learning and working opportunities irrespective of gender and age. As such, the SLQF facilitates admission to and progression within the higher education system in Sri Lanka. SLQF also promotes national and international recognition of qualifications offered in Sri Lanka and helps in evaluating the qualifications obtained from overseas intuitions.

SLQF also contributes significantly towards strengthening quality assurance mechanisms of the entire higher education sector in Sri Lanka.
The SLQF applies to all higher education institutions both public and private, which provides post-secondary education. Since the National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) developed by Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission is also integrated into SLQF, the post-secondary vocational qualifications can also be included in the framework.

All higher education qualification types offered in Sri Lanka are specified in the SLQF. The SLQF indicates the designators, qualifiers, minimum credit requirements for a particular qualification as well as the minimum entry requirements

However, the SLQF does not deal with the design and offering of short term courses by any higher education institution that will meet specific learning outcomes. These courses may be of few months duration and a certificate may be awarded on completion of such courses. Those certificates are not in line with the qualifications identified in the SLQF.


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