Survey on University-Industry Collaboration in Sri Lanka

Background of the study

As Sri Lanka is becoming an upper middle income country, collaboration between universities and industries is critical for improving skills development (education and training), strengthening of knowledge production and dissemination (innovation and technology transfer), and the promotion of entrepreneurship (start-ups and spin-offs). The benefits of University-Industry (U-I) linkages are wide-reaching: they can help coordinate and exploit synergies and complementarities of scientific and technological capabilities, and increase innovation in companies creating new market opportunities and job growth. University-industry collaboration can also expand the relevance of research carried out at universities and research institutes, and foster the commercialization of public R&D outcomes.

It is in this context that the Project Office of the Higher Education for the Twenty-First Century (HETC) Project under the Ministry of Higher Education is undertaking a survey to universities and industries in Sri Lanka on U-I collaboration. The survey is supported by the University Grant Commission (UGC) and private sector representatives.

Participants of the survey

There are two different questionnaires for University academics and selected heads of recognized private organizations from the industry. All the department heads of the universities will participate in this survey, representing the Higher education system of the country. Selected top level representatives from the industry will participate representing both private and public sector industries. A link for an online questionnaire will be sent to the each selected person for the survey.

Confidentiality of your information

Confidentiality of your information is provided. The data that you share will be treated in strict confidence. The HETC Project Office will not disclose, release or publish any identifiable information on individual organizations or companies from this survey.


The findings will be shared with all the department heads of the universities and participants of the survey from the Industry of Sri Lanka. Also it will be used by the Ministry of Higher Education authorities for better decision making to strength the linkage between industry and universities in Sri Lanka. This will facilitate a better understanding to create mutual Benefits and new opportunities for both parties.

The survey will launch 8th July 2015. Your kind cooperation is sought in completing the on-line questionnaire sent to you. It would take no more than 10 minutes.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions related to the survey, you are welcome to contact Dr. M. Esham, Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Sabaragamuwa University, who has designed the questionnaire on esham@agri.sab.ac.lk or help desk at the HETC Project on youropinion@hetc.lk or 0112827954.

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