Accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which a facility’s or institution’s services and operations are examined by a third-party accrediting agency to determine if applicable standards are met.

Should the facility meet the accrediting  agency’s standards, the facility receives accredited status from the accrediting agency.

Accredited status serves as a powerful signal that institutions and programs are competent in at least five core areas:

  • Academic Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Student Protection
  • Transparency

Characteristics of Accreditation:

  • Involves judgements of quality and effectiveness of an institution/program against a set of expectations (standards, criteria)
  • Is a form of a self-regulation as contrasted to compliance to Ministry/UGC rules, regulations, and codes
  • Is grounded in the institution’s or program’s mission, history, and sense of purpose
  • Acknowledges respects the autonomy and diversity of institutions and programs

Criteria for Programme Accreditation:

1. Strength and Quality of Faculty and Staff

2. Curriculum Design, Content and Review

3. Teaching and Learning Strategies

4. Learning Resources and Physical Infrastructure

5. Student Assessments, Policies and Procedures

6. Research Outreach, Consultancy, Postgraduate Programmes and National Contribution

7. Student Services and Progression

8. Internal QA and Good Practices

9. Governance and Management


Identified Disciplines:

1. Agriculture, Vet. Science and Livestock

2. Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Law and Performing Arts

3. Commerce and Management

4. Engineering, Information Technology and Geomatics

5. Medicine, Dental Science and Allied Health Sciences

6. Science and Fisheries


Workshops conducted:

Programme Accreditation in Universities: Preparation of Accreditation Manual
Hotel Janaki, Colombo 5
Preparation of Accreditation Manual: Agriculture related Disciplines
Hotel Hilltop, Kandy
Preparation of Accreditation Manual: Management related Disciplines Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 7
Preparation of Accreditation Manual: Arts related Disciplines Hotel Janaki, Colombo 5