Institutional Reviewers

One of the most important principles in the whole quality assurance system is that it is based on peer review. Reviewers will be selected and appointed by the QAA Council with the acceptance by the Institute which is being reviewed. Academics that hold or have recently held senior management positions will be selected.

List of Institutional Reviewers in review visits

Reviewer Affiliation
Prof. Lalitha Mendis University of Colombo
Prof. W. D. Lakshman
Mr. S. Swaminathan
Prof. (Ms.) S. Wijetunga
Prof. (Ms.) Rohini De A. Seneviratne
Prof. W. M. Jayaratne
Prof.(Ms.) Rohini De A. Seneviratne
Prof.Morley de Silva                                    Institutional Reviewers
Prof.Kumudu Wijewardene
Prof.K.R.Ranjith Mahaname
Prof.P.HewageProf.Janitha Liyanage
University of Peradeniya
Prof. Walter Marasinghe University of Sri J’Pura
Prof. (Ms.) Malani Endagama
Prof. D. A. Tantrigoda
Prof. G. S. Vidanapathirana University of Kelaniya
Prof. M. J. S. Wijayaratne
Prof. N. K. Dangalle
Prof. E.R.N Gunawardena
Prof. D. Atapatthu
Prof. R.P. Mahaliyanaarachchi
Prof. R. Seneviratne
Prof. U. Meddegama
Prof. S. Mohanadas
Prof. B. L. Tennekoon University of Moratuwa
Prof. Dayantha Wijeyasekera
Prof. S. Mohandas University of Jaffna
Dr. (Ms.) S. Pancharajah
Prof. K. D. N. Weerasinghe University of Ruhuna
Prof. Gamini Senanayake
Prof. Morley de Silva
Prof. T. R. Weerasuriya
Prof. Rohini de Alwis
Prof. Nimal Dangalle
Prof. Malini Endagama
Prof. Rohana Mahaliyanaarachchi
Prof. Aruni Weerasinghe
Mr. T. B. Andarawewa Rajarata University of SL
Dr. (Ms.) Aruni Weerasinghe
Dr. Senaka Pilapitiya
Prof. R. P. Mahaliyanaarachchi Sabaragamuwa University of SL
Prof. H. M. Bandara
Dr. (Ms.) S. J. M. N. G. Samarakoon
Prof. Upali Jayasekera
Prof. N. R. Arthanayake Open University of SL
Mr. Chandra Embuldeniya University of Uva Wellassa
Prof.R.P.Chitra Ranjani
University of Colombo
Prof. R.P. Mahaliyanaarachchi (Chair) Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Prof. U. Jayasekera
Prof. Ms. Aruni weerasinghe
Prof. Sanath Hettiarachchi
Prof. Ms. Kanthi S. Yapa