IR schedule in Universities

Institutional Review of State Universities for 2017 to 2021

Year/Month University
January to June 2017 University of Visual & Performing Arts
July to December 2017 Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
University of Sri Jayawardenepura
2018 Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
University of Jaffna
2019 University of Moratuwa
South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Open University of Sri Lanka
2020 University of Kelaniya
University of Ruhuna
2021 Eastern University of Sri Lanka
University of Colombo
University of Peradeniya


Higher Education Review- Overview of Process (in weeks)


Stages in IR and PR

SER (Evidence) →Desk based analysis→ Review visit → Report→   Action plan


University/Program request to QAAC for review                            –           -24 wk

Reviewers appointed by UGC                                                               –           -20 wk

Preparatory meeting (video conferencing)                                        –           -18 wk

SER received at QAAC, Document upload/sent to reviewers        –         -16 wk

Desk-based analysis begins by each reviewer                                   –           -12 wk

Desk based report sent to QAAC with any request for                    –             -9 wk

additional information

University/Program uploads additional evidence                          –             -6 wk

First team meeting among the reviewers (video conferencing)   –           -4 wk

Review visit                                                                                             –             0 wk

Key findings letter to QAAC                                                                –           +2 wk

Draft report to QAAC and sent to Universities                               –           +6 wk

University/Program comments on draft report                             –           +9 wk

Report published                                                                                  –            +12 wk

University/Program publishes action plan                                     –           +22 wk