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  Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework(SLQF)  
  There has been a significant increase in the mobility of learners and academics in the recent past across countries and regions of the world requiring national higher education systems to support and accommodate such developments. In that light, the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF) is an important element of systems development in the higher education sector, which at the end offers a transparent and coherent framework for the learner to optimize his/her objective of learning throughout life, while at the same time improving many vital aspects of learning and assessing the learning process.  
  The SLQF is a nationally consistent framework for all higher education qualifications offered in Sri Lanka. The SLQF applies to all higher education institutions (HEIs) both public and private, which provide post-secondary education. It recognizes the volume of learning of students and identifies the learning outcomes that are to be achieved by the qualification holders.  
  University Student Charter  
  The University Grants Commission [UGC], which was established with the enactment of the Universities Act No.16 of 1978, is the buffer body between the legislative arm of the government and universities. It is empowered to act as the regulatory arm of the state university system.  
  Fulfilling its mandatory role, the UGC has prepared the University Student Charter to serve as a guide for students enrolled in state universities as well as a document that states the conditions of the contract that exist between the university and its students. It also serves as a guide to the academic, administrative and support staff and the public, as it emphasizes the commitment expected from all stakeholders for the smooth functioning of state universities.  
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