What is CQA ?

Aims of an Internal Evaluation of Individual Institution/ Study Programme are to
  • Perform its own education QA
  • Support sustainable quality enhancement
  • Present a clear and comprehensive profile, based on self-review and SWOT analysis concerning its own programme, thus enabling continuous self-improvement.
Objectives of an Internal Evaluation
  • To provide good quality education
  • To prepare for external evaluation
  • Co-ordinate all QA related activities within the University/Institution
  • Liaise with the UGC/QA Council and other external QAA agencies
  • Implementing QA Reviews/Audit and implementing follow-up action
  • Preparation of Institutional Self-evaluation report
  • Preparation of Guidelines on QA for the University/Institution
  • Provide advice on QA to all faculties and departments
  • Monitor and guide faculty level QA activities
  • Organize awareness programmes on QA for the staff members
  • Contribute Quality and QA aspects in to the corporate plan
  • Identification and sharing of good practices with other departments
  • Reparation of manuals (eg. Academic regulations, equipment manuals, laboratory manuals etc.)
  • Ensure heir academic regulations/By-Laws are in place, if not make recommendations for remedial action.
Establishment of Internal Qaulity Assurance Units - (UGC Commission Circular No. 04/2015)