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  Standing Committees
  Standing Committees have been established by the UGC in accordance with the provisions made under section 4(2) of the universities Act No.16 of 1978 as amended.The responsibility of each Standing Committee is to report and make recommendations to the UGC on matters pertaining to higher education in respective areas.Accordingly,fiveteen(15) Standing Commmittees and one (1) other Committee were functioning in the University Grants Commission for various disciplines.
  Name of the Standing Committee  
    1- Agriculture Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences.  
    2- Libraries and information Sciences.  
    3- Teaching of English.  
    4- Career Guidence and Student Welfare in Universities.  
    5- Sciences.  
    6- Postagraduate Studies and Research.  
    7- Humanities ,Social Sciences & Education.  
    8- Management Studies.  
    9- Engineering and Architecture.  
    10- Medical & Dental Sciences.  
    11- Information Technology Development.  
    12- Quality Assurance & Accreditation.  
    13- Indigenous Medicine.  
    14- External Degree.  
    15- Technological Stream.  
    16- Gender Equity and Equality.  
    17- Legal Studies.  
    18- Fine Arts.  
    19- Education.  
  Other Committees
  Committee to study Applications for Recoginition of Qualifications /Degree Awarding Institutions.
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