To achieve excellence in higher education through Quality Assurance..


To ensure quality, continuous development and efficient performance of Sri Lankan higher education institutions, and to gain the confidence of the community in their graduates in accordance with internationally recognized evaluation mechanism

Chairman's Message

A vibrant mechanism of governance of quality assurance and accreditation of the academic and administrative function is essential to maintain and to enhance the standards of the Higher Education System. The mission of the Quality Assurance Council of the University Grants Commission is to set out the expectations of the Council which all higher education providers of Sri Lanka are required to meet, and guide them to share a starting point for setting, describing and assuring the academic standards of teaching- learning opportunities and assessment systems. It also sets out precisely, the key quality assurance activities expected to be undertaken by departments, degree programmes of state higher educational institutes and non-state higher education providers. Supervision and monitoring to ensure continuity of internationally acceptable standards of the academic programmes are an essential component to ensure the sustainability.

I deeply appreciate the commitment of the members of the Quality Assurance Council and other academics and thank them for the excellent contribution.

Prof. Mohan de Silva
University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka